Be Prepared: Home Restoration Resource Guide

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Be Prepared: Home Restoration Resource Guide  As a homeowner, it’s important to be prepared for a wide variety of home emergencies that could happen. Popular home emergencies include water damage, fire damage, and mold growth in your home. With each of these disasters, you need to be prepared on how to prevent them as best as possible, what to do if they occur, and what the home restoration process will entail. Use our [...]

Commercial Mold Damage in your Business

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Commercial Mold Damage in your Business  If you own a business, keeping your building and your employees safe is one of your top concerns. Experiencing mold in your business can jeopardize the safety of both your staff and the building you work in. Mold growth can lead to a variety of health issues for people who encounter it, and it can also lead to structural problems if not addressed. That is why it [...]

Preventing Carpet Mold after Water Damage

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Preventing Carpet Mold After Water Damage Dealing with water damage and mold growth in your home can be a stressful experience. But how do you deal with water damage and mold that you can't see? This is often the case when the carpets or rugs in your home suffer water damage. Wall to wall carpets and rugs are extremely susceptible to mold growth when they are exposed to moisture. Most times, the mold [...]

How Does Mold in Your Home Affect Your Health?

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How Does Mold in Your Home Affect Your Health?  Has a family member in your household been experiencing unexplained allergy symptoms? Or, has your home recently experienced water damage and now has a musty smell? There’s a good chance you may have mold growing somewhere in your home. So, how does mold in your home affect your health?  Common Places to Find Mold in Your Home [...]

Mold Remediation for Green, White and Black Mold

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Mold Remediation for Green, White and Black Mold  As a homeowner, noticing fuzzy, strangely colored spots in your home can be alarming. These signs typically point to mold growth in the home. When you spot mold growth in your home, you want to address it right away. Mold typically has three different categories of colors, green, white, and mold. All three of these mold types can have the same negative effects. However, each [...]

Bathroom Mold Warning Signs and Prevention Tips

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Bathroom Mold Warning Signs and Prevention Tips  The bathroom is the most common room in a household where you would typically encounter a mold problem. Dealing with mold in your home can be an incredibly stressful experience no matter what room of the house it is in. When mold continues to grow without being removed and handled properly, it can lead to structural damage in your home and even health issues for [...]

Is There Mold in Your Home or Business?

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Is There Mold in Your Home or Business? Is there mold in your home or business? That is a question most homeowners and business owners never want to ask. You might not be aware that there are mold spores circulating through the air at any given time. However, mold typically doesn’t cause damage until it finds a damp and hospitable environment to start reproducing and become visible.   For homeowners, mold growth can be [...]

6 Hidden Signs of Water Damage in your Home

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6 Hidden Signs of Water Damage in Your Home As a homeowner, experiencing water damage can be an extremely stressful situation. It’s important to address any water damage as quickly as possible. Repairing water damage before it gets too severe can save homeowners money, time, and increased stress. However, it can sometimes be hard to tell when you have a case of water damage. Be on the lookout for these 6 hidden signs [...]

Home Disaster Prevention and Safety Tips for 2022

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Home Disaster Prevention and Safety Tips for 2022 Another year is upon us, and that means it's time to evaluate your home disaster prevention plan again. Unfortunately, there are so many different home disasters you can encounter as a homeowner. Some of the most devastating home disasters are fires in the home, water damage, and mold growth. While these events are not completely avoidable, there are home disaster prevention and safety tips you can put into place to help decrease the risk. Here are just a [...]

Hiring Mold Remediation Professionals for Mold Removal in your Home

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When you think of types of disasters that can occur in your home, the most impactful ones that come to mind are fire damage, smoke, damage, and water damage. One that is sometimes left out, and can have a huge impact on your home and family, is mold. No homeowner ever wants to hear that they have mold in their home. Mold can cause crisis for your home, belongings, and most importantly your family. That’s why it's important to learn about [...]

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