Types of Water Damage

Seeing your home filled with water is an alarming sight for any homeowner. Whether it’s from a broken pipe, appliance malfunction, or flood water, water damage of any kind can be detrimental to your home and belongings. Water damage can also pose significant health risks and lead to mold growth in your home as well. It’s important to know the difference between the different types of water damage, how severe they are, and how to address them. Let’s discuss the three different types of water damage including clean water, grey water, and black water below. 

water damage in commer

Clean Water

Clean Water is the least damaging type of water damage and is considered Category 1. It is considered less damaging because it does not contain any harmful toxins or bacteria and is sewage free. Since it is uncontaminated, it is not dangerous to encounter for humans or your belongings. 

Clean Water typically enters your home from broken pipes, water supply lines, overflowing sinks or bathtubs, appliance malfunctions, rainwater, or melting ice or snow. The water damage can easily be dried out with minimal damage. However, you should still address any water damage from clean water within 48 hours of the damage occurring. This will help to decrease health risks, severe damage, and mold growth.  

Grey Water

Grey water is considered a Category 2 level of water damage and is a little more dangerous. Grey water may be contaminated with harmful bacteria and toxins since it is made up of wastewater. This is what gives the water it’s grey color. 

You can experience grey water in your home from a variety of sources including sump pump backups, washing machine discharge, or toilet bowl overflow. If your home or any of your belongings encounter grey water, everything should be disinfected completely. If it is not addressed right away, it can lead to becoming significantly contaminated and can promote harmful microbial growth. This can cause significant health issues for anyone that encounters it. 

Black Water

Black water is the most harmful type of water damage that can occur in your home. It is considered a category 3 type of water damage. It can be extremely dangerous because it is contaminated with harmful toxins, bacteria, and viruses. It can also be filled with oil, urine, sewage, etc., which is highly likely to lead to infection or illness. 

Black water is mostly caused by sewage overflows, floodwaters, waste line backflows, and rain from storms. Since the water is so contaminated, it’s extremely important to clean up and disinfect everything that comes into contact with the water. 

Finding Water Damage Restoration Professionals in Albany, NY

Hiring water damage restoration professionals is the key to addressing water damage and getting your home put back together quickly and efficiently. The team assesses the water damage and creates a restoration plan that covers you and your home from point A to point Z.  

Professional Fire Restoration should be the first call you make after experiencing any kind of water damage in your home. We have over 35+ years of experience of turning crisis into calm. We’re here to help you along your path to starting new. Contact us today so we can help clean the water damage in your home and repair it to what it was or make it even better.