Leaky Dishwashers and Water Damage  

Imagine this, you turn the corner into your kitchen, and you see a pool of water all over the floor. Unfortunately, your dishwasher has leaked and now you need to clean up the mess and determine what went wrong to cause the leak. Just like any other home maintenance project, it’s always best to hire a professional to assess the problem and make sure it is fixed accurately. However, here are some of the things that can lead to leaky dishwashers and water damage in your home and how to avoid it. 

loaded dishwasher in home with dirty dishes preventing leaky dishwashers and water damage

Defective Door

One of the things that can cause a leaky dishwasher is a defective door or door latch. If your dishwasher is leaking water that leaves a pool underneath it, it is most likely an issue with your door or the latch. The latch could be bent, broken, or loose. The gasket, which is the rubber seal around the door, could also be worn or loose. Inspect your dishwasher or have a professional inspect it to replace any broken pieces on the door. 

Wear and Tear

General wear and tear can be another thing to cause leaky dishwashers and water damage. If your dishwasher is older and has dealt with years of different detergents and chemicals being run through it. This can cause wear and tear, corrosion, and even holes within your dishwasher. Before it gets to the point of no return, inspect your dishwasher every six months for signs of slight wear and tear.  

Use the Right Soap

Dishwashers run optimally when they have the right soap in them. Many people think that regular dish soap can be used in a dishwasher. However, the dish soap foams too much for the washer to process and can lead to leaks and overflows. Make sure to use only dish detergents that are specifically designed for dishwashers to avoid any issues. 

To avoid problems with your dishwasher, it’s important to regularly inspect it to catch any problems ahead of time. Ignoring even the smallest of problems can lead to leaky dishwashers and water damage in your home. Water damage from your dishwasher can lead to extensive damage in your home and even health risks for you and your family. 

Finding Water Damage Restoration Professionals in Albany, NY

If you do experience leaky dishwashers and water damage in your home, give the Professional Fire Restoration team a call. Hiring water damage restoration professionals is the key to addressing water damage and getting your home put back together quickly and efficiently. The team assesses the water damage and creates a restoration plan that covers you and your home from point A to point Z.  

Professional Fire Restoration should be the first call you make after experiencing any kind of water damage in your home. We have over 35+ years of experience of turning crisis into calm. We’re here to help you along your path to starting new. Contact us today so we can help clean the water damage in your home and repair it to what it was or make it even better.