How to Prevent Water Damage to Important Documents

When your home experiences water damage from cracked pipes, flooding, or another avenue it can be a stressful experience for you and your family. Dealing with home damage, finding a place to stay, and the entire home restoration process are only a few things you will have to deal with. While many parts of your home can be restored or replaced, there are certain documents that are irreplaceable because they are government issued or contain personal information. To keep these items safe, it’s important to learn how to prevent water damage to important documents.

File Folders to Try Preventing Water Damage to Important Documents

Important Documents to Protect:

  • Birth Certificates

  • Marriage Certificates

  • Passports

  • Social Security Cards

  • Copies of Driver’s License and Credit Cards

  • Military ID

  • Address Book

  • Home Deed

  • Mortgage

  • Car Title

  • Insurance Policies

  • Will

  • Trusts

  • Powers of Attorney

  • Health Insurance Cards

  • Immunization Records

  • Bank Statements

  • Tax Records

  • W2’s

  • Important Receipts

  • Checking and Savings Account Information

  • Passwords Book

  • Doctors Contact Information

6 Steps to Prevent Water Damage to Important Documents

  1. Keep all important documents in one place in your home. 
  2. Organize important documents in a way that will make it easy to grab them all at once in case of an emergency. For example, a bin with file dividers for each category could be a good storage solution. 
  3. Pick a storage container that is waterproof and fireproof to store important documents and photos in.  
  4. Place your important documents in a higher location. 
  5. Make paper copies of all important documents to store in one other location in case the original location experiences water damage.  
  6. Create digital copies of all important documents and store them on a secure cloud, a flash drive, and a hard drive. 

Finding Water Damage Restoration Professionals in Albany, NY

Hiring water damage restoration professionals is the key to addressing water damage and getting your home put back together quickly and efficiently. The team assesses the water damage and creates a restoration plan that covers you and your home from point A to point Z.  

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