One of the main causes of water damage in homes is due to pipes freezing and bursting. When the pipes in your home freeze, even the smallest of cracks can allow hundreds of gallons of water to come pouring through into your home. The flooding can cause severe water damage to your home and even lead to mold growth in your home. To help, follow our guide on how to prevent frozen pipes from causing water damage in your home. 

frozen pipes burst after winter temoeratures causing water damage

Preventing Frozen Pipes

Insulate Pipes

The best thing you can do to keep your pipes from freezing is to properly protect them by providing insulation. The more insulation, the better the level of protection. 

Wrap your Pipes in Heat

There are products you can buy at your local hardware store to provide heat to the pipes in your home. Heat tape or heat cables can both be used to wrap pipes and provide warmth. Make sure to check if the heat tape or cables are designated for indoor or outdoor use before applying them. 

Seal any Cracks or Leaks

Make sure to thoroughly check your pipes frequently for any cracks or leaks. If you do find a crack or leak, seal them before temperatures drop too low. 

Prepare Outdoor Hoses

Before the colder weather hits, make sure to properly disconnect any outdoor hoses and drain any pipes leading to the outside. This will help to reduce the chances of the pipes freezing and causing water damage. 

Keep Consistent Temperature

Keeping your heater set to the same temperature both day and night will also help to decrease the pipes freezing. This also helps to avoid strain on the heating system. 

What to Do if your Pipes Freeze and Cause Water Damage in Albany, NY

The first step if you encounter a burst pipe, is to shut off the water source and call a plumberIt’s also important to never have electrical appliances near water and to not apply flames to frozen pipes. If your pipes do freeze and burst, and it causes water damage to your home, please call Professional Fire Restoration Services.

Hiring water damage restoration professionals is the key to addressing water damage and getting your home put back together quickly and efficiently. The team assesses the water damage and creates a restoration plan that covers you and your home from point A to point Z.  

Professional Fire Restoration should be the first call you make after experiencing any kind of water damage in your home. We have over 35+ years of experience of turning crisis into calm. We’re here to help you along your path to starting new. Contact us today so we can help clean the water damage in your home and repair it to what it was or make it even better.