Fire damage can be a devastating experience for any property owner. The aftermath of a fire can leave your home or business in ruins, with the daunting task of restoring and recovering your property seeming insurmountable. However, there is hope, and many property owners have been able to bounce back from the brink of destruction with the help of fire damage restoration and recovery services. In this blog post, we’ll be sharing some inspiring stories from customers who have gone through the process of fire damage restoration and recovery with our help. These stories showcase the resilience of the human spirit and serve as a testament to the importance of seeking professional assistance in such situations.


I came home from grocery shopping to find my basement flooded with storm sewer water. We called my insurance agent and they recommended another company who kept me on hold for 15 minutes then said they could come out tomorrow at 9 am! Our insurance company (and my father in law) both recommended PFRS. They called me back immediately and had a team out in about 45 minutes. Justin and his crew worked very quickly to get rid of all the water and remove everything that was contaminated by the water – including ripping out our carpet. They were done within a couple of hours and said they would come back tomorrow to continue so as not to be working on over-time hours, and so things could dry out. They did an amazing job cleaning everything and taking away what couldn’t be cleaned. I am really sensitive to bad smells, so they went over and above cleaning everything to try to help with the sewer odor. Justin was very professional and knowledgable. He gave us good follow up instructions and said there is more than can do if the smell doesn’t go away with some time. The bill was accurate and fair.

Sarah P.

“PFRS was professional and fought for us while we tried to wrap our heads around getting our house and lives back to normal. Whether it was calling to see that my family was adjusting to hotel life or fighting with the insurance to get what was needed to make our house whole again. The absolute best in the business!”

Christopher G.

“In a very stressful and upsetting time they stepped in and made contact with my home owners insurance and went back and forth with them to ensure that problematic areas were identified and ensured they were fixed in the safest and most expeditious way possible. I have received a response always within minutes about any questions or concerns i have had throughout this whole process and couldn’t be more thankful for the person who recommended them to me. Response time professionalism and safety are my top priorities and they went above and beyond in all those areas. Will definitely use again and recommend to anyone who may need their services in the future.”

Kelly F.

“This company is extraordinary. They responded immediately to our flood damage and have guided us through every step with extremely competent and pleasant repairmen. We couldn’t be more pleased and highly recommend them. They took the stress out of a very stressful experience.”

Jayne S.

“After 25 years living in my house my sump pump in the crawl space stopped working. I had a plumber come out to replace it but when he tried to get into the crawl space it was flooded. Mark came out and drained the crawl space, but when the plumber came out the next day to install a new sump pump the crawl space had filled up with another 12 inches of water due to the heavy rain from last week and no working sump pump. Once again Mark came back to drain the crawl space and he left his draining equipment so that I could turn it on before the plumber came back. Mark told me how to get the pump to pump out the water and I was able pump out even more water before the plumber came to install the new sump pump. 
Once the new sump pump was installed, I called the company to pick up their equipment and Mark came back to get the equipment. He even put back the crawl space vent where the drainage hose came out from the crawl space so that no animals can have access as I cannot bend down anymore. 
My insurance broker recommended Professional Fire Restoration and I am glad she did. From the office people and Mark, every one was very professional. Mark was on time and also checked with me on how things were going. 
I hope I never have to need their services they provide, but if I do I would not hesitate to call them again. I would definitely recommend them.”

Nancie G.

“I had an emergency the day before Christmas Eve. Sewage back up into my finished basement. They were responsive and prioritized my needs. They came over, removed the sewage, dried out the basement, and cleaned everything!”

Donald D.

“We had a major home fire, our house was unlivable. Called PFR and David Johnson was here that afternoon. He knew immediately what needed to happen to secure or home and get the heat back on. From that point forward I knew I was in good hands. During the rebuilding process DJ was in communication with us at least once a day to give us updates on everything. He handled everything with the Insurance Company, Building permits, Contractors and Electricians. 
Thanks to PFR we are back in our home. Very impressed with the quality of workmanship and their professional services. I would strongly recommend Professional Fire and Restoration. It was good to know that I was in good hands during this tragedy which was very stressful.”

R. Bell

“We would like to thank you and your team for the immediate response and excellent service that Professional Fire Restoration Service provided one of our major clients in conjunction with a significant fire loss. Our client advised “PFRS has completed their services in the Cafe due to our fire recently. They are a very professional organization that performed in a timely manner to get the cafe and fitness center up and running with little disruption in service.” More specifically the fire occurred around midnight and by 6 am the following morning clean up had been initiated. The location was operational again within 48 hours. 

We look forward to working with you and the PFRS team in the future so our clients incurring losses in the future might be operational as expeditiously as possible as occurred in this case.”

Michael H.

“The morning on Friday, October 21, 2016 will live in the memory of some as the day our Dr. Lopez Field House was set on fire. To most though, it is the day they will remember as the day you came to our rescue, the day you showed our boys, our coaches and our entire school community that people are kind, people are good, people are generous. You showed them you are about them and humanity is good! Thank you for being the light through this darkness.”

Christine B.