Extinguish the Danger: Cigarette Fire Safety Tips for a Safe Home   

We have all been made aware over the years of the health risks associated with smoking cigarettes. But, did you know that smoking brings safety risks for you and your family in your own home as well? According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), smoking materials, including cigarettes, pipes, and cigars, are the leading cause of fire deaths in the United States. It’s important to be aware of the risks and practice cigarette fire safety tips to protect your home and your family. Here are some tips to help extinguish the danger. 


Smoke Outside

The easiest and safest way to prevent fires in your home caused by smoking, is to only smoke outdoors. If you have smokers in your household or guests who smoke frequently when at your home, encourage them to smoke outside away from your home. This significantly reduces the risk of fires starting indoors and spreading to other areas of your home. 

Use Ashtrays

When you are unable to smoke outdoors, it’s important to use a durable ashtray. Ash trays made up of glass or metal tend to be the sturdiest. Avoid using plastic or wooden ones as they can easily ignite fires. When using an ashtray make sure to place them on a sturdy surface and away from any combustible materials.  

Never Leave Lit Cigarettes Unattended

One of the most important safety tips to remember regarding smoking cigarettes is to never leave one unattended. A cigarette can quickly ignite a fire if it comes in contact with flammable materials. It’s especially important to make sure cigarettes are completely extinguished before going to sleep. 

Install and Maintain Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms are essential for early detection of fires and can save lives. Install smoke alarms on every level of your home, including inside and outside of bedrooms, and test them regularly to ensure they are functioning correctly. Replace batteries at least twice a year or when the smoke alarm signals a low battery. It’s also good practice to replace smoke alarms every 10 years. 

Cigarette-related fires are a significant risk to the safety of your home and family. By following these cigarette fire safety tips, you can significantly reduce the risk of fires starting in your home and protect your family, property, and belongings. Remember, smoking outside, using sturdy ashtrays, never leaving lit cigarettes unattended, and installing and maintaining smoke alarms. 

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